Busy Life: Barbell CYcles


What are they?

Busy Life Barbell Cycles are one hour long, personalized gym sessions with free weights and a bit of cardio. Every minute, including warm ups, are scheduled so you know exactly what to do. We prioritize safely while maximizing efficiency. They utilize compound movements and focus on strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning development. Working weights are personalized to you based on your one rep maximums. Any cycle can be done by novice or elite lifters, though it is recommended that more novice lifters complete the Base Cycle first, especially to get used to the routine. These cycles require free weights - machines are not often used. Access to a stationary bike, rower, and/or treadmill is also advised. 

What do you get?

You will receive a personalized version of the cycle. The weights are adjusted to meet your level based on scientific loading principles. Every program is progressive: each week builds upon the previous in weight, reps, or sets. The cycles are periodized, meaning some weeks will deload the weight and volume. The end of each cycle includes a Test Week. This gives an objective measure of improvement and sets new one rep maximums for any future work you do. 

I Don't Know Some of The Movements on the Cycle

We have a movement library demonstrating each of the exercises with simple instructional videos to show exactly what you should be doing and how to do it safely. 

I want to join the Testing Cycle

If you would like to join the cycle being currently tested, you will receive a workout each morning Monday through Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday and Sunday are stretch and rest days.