Squat & Bench Strength

Squat & Bench Strength


9 Weeks. Upon purchase you will get a PDF of: 1) A link to your Weightlifting Form in which you will fill out your current abilities and 2) Test Week. If you don’t know your current weightlifting capabilities, simply perform Test Week to find out. You must have a starting point to measure objective progress and you should have maximums to use percentage based, scientific programming.

After submitting the Weightlifting Form, you will be emailed a PDF of your cycle shortly.

The primary focus is squatting and bench for strength with a secondary focus on total body mass and strength with some conditioning.

Strength: Back squat, bench press, deadlift, pull up, shoulder press, abs, horizontal rowing.

Hypertrophy: Pull up, shoulder press, abs.

Conditioning: Interval machine, mid distance running.

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