Wednesday, September 27

Week 1 Day 3

Test Week

Rest day is tomorrow! Keep up the good work.

Minutes 0-3:              Get you heart rate up (aka warm up)

Minutes 3-7:              Mobilize today’s primary muscles (legs, upper back, shoulders)

Minutes 7-20:            Work to a max height or distance JUMP. (options: max height box jump, max distance standing broad jump, max height hurdle, or jump as high as you can next to a wall while filming yourself. Remember, we are recording how and what we use for a jump today!)

Minutes 20-35:          Work to a heavy single PULL UP. (options same as Monday) [pull-up technique]

Minutes 35-50:          Work to a heavy 10 rep SHOULDER PRESS. [strict press technique]

Leave the gym

Jordan Eldridge