Monday, September 25

Test Week: Lift heavy, but check your ego. Keep superb form.

Every back squat performed should be high bar (bar on traps). Keep your chest up.

For the pull ups, chin over the bar at the top, elbows straight at the bottom.

Remember to record your weights for each movement. We will be using them to determine future weights.

Have a great first day!

Minutes 0-3:          Get you heart rate up (aka warm up)

Minutes 3-7:          Mobilize today’s primary movements (legs, shoulders, upper back)

Minutes 7-25:        Work up to a heavy single in the BACK SQUAT

[ back squat technique]

Minutes 25-40:      Work up to a heavy single in the STRICT PRESS 

[ strict press technique]

Minutes 40-50:      Work up to a max 10 PULL UP (options: with an assisted machine with as little weight as possible, 10 bodyweight, or with weight added if you can. Note the weight and ease of completion)

[ pull-up technique]

Leave the gym

Jordan Eldridge