Sunday, October 8

Rest. No gym today.

Keeping consistent with the stretches? You can do them every day.

Minutes 0-4:              Couch stretch, 90 seconds each side. Do not worry if you cannot get your knee completely against the wall.

Minutes 4-7:              Hamstrings, 2 minutesHowever you would like, but keep your back straight like a deadlift. Just bend at the hips.

Minutes 7-11:            Ankle, 90 seconds each side [Use the second one. Stretch the knee forward and toward the outside of your food. You may feel the stretch in the front of the foot as well.]

Minutes 11-14           Sleeper stretch, 1 min each side

Minutes 14-17:          Overhead lat/shoulder stretch

Minutes 17-22:          Pigeon stretch, 2 minutes each side.

Live your life

Jordan Eldridge